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Your website looks great! But… you haven’t posted on the blog for seven months and your online menu hasn’t changed since last June, even though your terrific chef regularly updates what is served in line with the freshest in season produce. Great ideas for online marketing promotions never see the light of day. It’s May… but your website thinks it’s still Christmas!

Why? Maybe you are too busy doing your day job and you never find the time. Perhaps the “back end” of that beautiful website is… less beautiful, incomprehensible, intimidating; something you hope to understand one day?

We can help.

Gareth has over 17 years’ experience in designing, building, and maintaining websites across a range of applications.

By combining his technical know-how with Rachael’s writing experience, we can keep your online presence up-to-date and fresh, reflecting your commitment to your customers or clients without the fog of technology obscuring the view.

Alternatively, Gareth can provide you with training and written guidelines to help you to manage your own website confidently and effectively moving forward.

and let’s see what we can do together.