We provide specialist design services

for all your brand design, graphic design and web design business needs.

Brand strategy

Can you identify the key characteristics of your business? Do you know how to apply your brand identity across your marketing investments to maximise your impact?

Packaging design

You have invested time, energy and money into developing a product to be proud of. Now is the time to launch your project to your potential customers. It can be an anxious time!

Publishing support

Self-publishing a book can be great fun and a rewarding experience, whether your book is a passion project, an enterprise to support a non-profit organisation or a commercial undertaking.

Logo design

Whether you are a start up enterprise or an established business needing to update your look to reflect your aspirations in today’s marketplace, an eye-catching logo that effectively reflects your brand is a vital layer in your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing material design

Attractive, engaging and persuasive marketing materials can give you the edge in a competitive commercial environment.


In addition to conventional design services, Hu Studio provides illustration in a variety of styles and media.

Web design

The modern commercial environment demands a web presence for almost every organisation or business. For many businesses your website is your first opportunity to “meet” your prospects and begin to build a relationship with them that may result in commercial engagement.

Interpretation and signs

Whether your project is non-commercial or profit oriented, its success depends on public engagement.

Writing services

They say that if you dress well, they will notice you; but if you dress badly, they will notice the way that you dress… Don’t let poor writing distract your clients or customers from the great work that you are doing or the products you are offering. Effective written communication can be a key element unlocking the success of your project.

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